From The Heart

Be-movement is about moving. So many times you hear of people that say they can't move because of something that may have happened to them. My personal experience with this was my father. He was


  Movement is the key to Life Movement is possibility the greatest gift we were given as human beings, unfortunately I hear more times than I would like different reasons why people can’t move as

 The Amazing Psoas

  I often come across clients who present with a range of different conditions, including poor posture, digestion and emotional issues. The Psoas muscle can be impacted by each of these factors and therefore the

Thoracic Spine and Shoulder Girdle

  Thoracic Spine and Shoulder Girdle This area refers to the thoracic spine (T/spine), rib cage and shoulder girdle. The T/Spine is integral to all functional movements of the body and is responsible for spinal

The Lumbar-Pelvic Hip Girdle

  The lumbar-pelvic hip girdle is a very complex structure consisting of an integrated union of bones, fascia, muscle, tendons, ligaments and nerves. The joint is where the lumbar spine, pelvis, and top of the legs come together. As

Fascia & How it Affects you

  Fascia is the biggest sensory organ that we have, our skin being the next. Everything we do involves fascia. Fascia wraps around everything. Fascia is a three-dimensional web of tissue that connects all the

The Foot & Ankle

The feet and ankles are very important to our all over wellbeing. When these structures are not working effectively, the whole body is impacted. There are 52 bones, 33 joints, 40 muscles, over 100 ligaments and


  Stress is any physical or emotional strain on the body or mind. Physical stress occurs when an external or natural change or force acts upon the body. Extreme heat, cold, or activity, injuries, malnutrition,