Be-movement is about moving. So many times you hear of people that say they can’t move because of something that may have happened to them.
My personal experience with this was my father. He was a father of 6 children which I’m sure had its challenges, but when he had his first heart attack in his 50’s, it was a wake up call for him to change the way he was living his life. He did to a point, he did give up the cigarettes, but unfortunately he lacked the motivation to start an exercise program.
As his life went by, you could slowly see that movement became less and less.
I constantly remember the doctors telling him that he needed to just go for a walk around the house but the effort seemed just too much for him.
The body is an amazing creation, but needs to move to keep joints, muscles and bones strong, so it is no great surprise that through lack of movement the body starts to shut processes down. My story of my dad did end very sadly with him ending up in a nursing home begging us to take him home. I have a strong memory of him trying to show me how strong his legs where by kicking his legs whilst on his bed, and they were strong, which surprised me, if only he could have seen into his future I’m sure he would have decided to move more. Sadly we couldn’t care for him at home and he did end up passing away.
I suppose what I’m trying to say is no matter how hard it can be to get up and move the benefits far out way the consequences of not moving. You never know it might just start to improve your life both physically and emotionally. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
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