There is no truer saying than LIFE IS MOVEMENT AND MOVEMENT IS LIFE

Whether we can feel it or not we are constantly moving. The earth is moving under our feet, your heart is beating, we are drawing breath without thinking about it.  We know as we age that the most basic movement can be challenging. I realise now that I’m not invincible as I thought I was in my early 20’s, and yes the body is a little slower in getting up off the floor (HA HA you all know what I’m talking about), but the truth is Movement is the key to living a full and rewarding life. How many of you have worked out that the lack of movement aggravates your nerves, muscles and joints more than Movement itself???

As Humans we are designed to move, we are made of muscle, tendons, ligaments, facia, nerves, organs and bones, but the strangest thing has happened, we have become more intellectually capable but we have compromised our most valuable asset “MOVEMENT” 

We now sit longer, which not only affects our posture but also our digestion and well- being. “Sitting is killing us”

I have trained over 1000 clients in my career with many Bio-mechanical dysfunctions and relish the challenge of overcoming these.

Movement is different for everyone, I know many people who would not set a foot into a gym, but love the outdoors, like bush walking or surfing, then there are the gym goers like myself that love the social side of the gym and seeing new faces and making new friends.  Movement is the freedom of yourself, which we can so easily lose sight of in our busy lives.

So on that note I would like to start a revolution of movement, no matter what the Barriers we will find ways together to live a long, healthy and happier life.