Did you know that if you stand with your feet together that they should form a dome?

Meaning that the two inside arches of the feet should have a dome space under them.

Did you also know that there should be a space between each toe, just like your fingers we should be able to move each toe individually.

Did you also know that we have a built in fat pad on our heel that acts as a shock absorber. No matter how hard you try you cannot lose that fat.

So tell me why, we ‘humans’ as smart as we think we are, insist on  squishing our toes together in shoes. why we buy shoes with build in shock absorbers when we have our own perfect built in shock absorber already.

We need to start to become aware of how out feet move.

The foot is meant to move though pronation and then return to sit back in a neutral alignment (like a half dome), but what is happening today is we are buying shoes that have a built in medial arch support, which doesn’t allow our foot to move through pronation, which then compromises the function at our ankle.

One of the great leaders in the body and movement field ‘Thomas Myers’ describes shoes as “Sensory Deprivation Chambers” We need to start to look our feet and ankles so the rest of our body above can function at its optimal best.

Try walking around barefoot, it feels amazing, then start to wean yourself of all those pretty coloured gym shoes and get yourself training in a minimalist shoe, your feet and knees will thank you for it. Grab some Toe Spreaders, they are a great way to help re-align your toes

I release that we have been lead to believe that the shoes out there today with all the support are good for us,  but we were also taught that fat was bad for us.  We know better today about nutrition, just need to play catch up with posture.