Have you ever thought about how hard things can become as we age.  Even the most simple tasks like tying our shoe laces or stepping in and out of a bath tub.  It is the decisions we make today in regards to our health that will define what our future will look like.  The more sedentary we are, the more the body forgets how to move. The body starts to think that sitting is the norm, not movement.   Movement can be as simple as going for a walk, but research is showing us that we all need some form of resistance training to stay strong and mobile.  I don’t believe sitting on stationary equipment trains the mind or body effectively, this type of training can become boring very quickly and I believe that this is one of the reasons why people start with good intentions but these intentions don’t last. What I do believe is in movement. Using the body as the body is designed, Standing, stepping, gliding and even jumping, in lots of different directions. Check out www.be-movement.com.au for a plan today.

Act Now for a Better Tomorrow