Unfortunately today we are all wearing shoes that squish our toes together. One of the side effects of this is that our toes are starting to turn towards our other toes, and the other toes are losing the space that they should have between them.  This all leads too, Bunions, Valgus Big Toes (turned In), Callus on the side of big toes. Hammer Toes, Collapsed Arches, and poor function at our ankles, which in turn creates balance problems and pain and dysfunction up the chain at the knees and hips.

Silicone Toe Spreaders available from my website shop for only $12.99 may help bring back the natural alignment of the toes. Depending on the degree of damage to your feet, it may take time. I love to see people taking a photo of how their feet are now, wearing the toe spreaders consistently, then taking a follow up photo every month and watch the change.  I suggest you use them around the house. Start by wearing them for an 1/2 an hour and increasing to wearing them as long as you can, some people even sleep in them.  They are a great non surgical alternative.

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