First Gravity: Our bodies are constantly being drawn towards the core of the planet, we are like metal coated humans and the core of the planet like a magnet, pulling us towards it, which stops us falling off. (that’s a good thing). On the upside the magnetic core is a long way from the surface of the earth, and this is what allows us to temporarily break contact in which to create motion and movement. Gravity’s force is a constant on us 24 hours a day, every day which means to remain in our human form we are constantly working against force. Our skeleton is accommodating our frame and our muscles limit unnecessary stress to our skeleton and transfer ground reaction forces (energy) throughout our bodies. A great example of how this all works is, say you were sitting in your office chair and you dropped your pen, as you bend forward to retrieve your it,  your centre of gravity shifts forward so then the muscles of the back line must lengthen to slow down your trunk as you pick up the pen, if they didn’t you would fall flat on your face.

So not only is our body constantly working against gravity but also working against Ground Reaction Forces, which explained simply means: For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.

This is why all the senses in our feet should be alive and awake. Every time we make contact with a different surface our bodies respond by applying different energy reactions up the chain to adjust and modify our response.  If we dull these senses with shoes that take away all these feelings will start to create dysfunction at the foot and ankle which in turn will limit our bodies to move freely.

I have been wearing Barefoot trainers for many years now, they are not a shoe that you just put on and wear straight up after wearing supported footwear, but Merrell offer a progressional shoe: 6ml and 2ml (2ml being total barefoot). I will always start a new client on a 6ml, which by the way they love as soon as they start wearing them, and the progress them eventually down to a 2ml.

I love the way my foot has the ability to move freely which allows me to activate all the muscles up the chain in great Bio-mechanical fashion.

I say dump the fashion shoe and lets improve our function.