This time of year we all tend to indulge ourselves with not only food and drink, but large amounts of it.

The average human stomach can hold between 1 and 1½ litres of food or 2 cups before wanting to throw it back up, but the stomach can stretch 4 times that much before a rupture occurs. If you repeat to over eat this way for weeks, you can permanently stretch out your stomach muscles. Remember the stomach muscles have nerve senses that let us know when we are full and should stop eating.

There is a hormone called CCK that is secreted by the cells of the upper small intestine. Its secretion is stimulated by the introduction of hydrochloric acid, amino acids or fatty acids into the stomach. It sends a signal to the hypothalamus in the brain so that you feel full and you stop eating but this process can take up to 20mins, and we all know that we can consume a lot of food in that amount of time.

Some thoughts below to help you manage your appetite

 Eat Slowly – Place you knife and fork down between each mouthful

Eat out of a Small Bowl or Plate – If give the illusion of a bigger meal

Chew your food more – Try to chew your food so that you are not swallowing un-chewed portions, this will aid in the digestion of the food

Increase your Protein – Protein is what we call a satiety food is will keep you fuller for longer

Wait – Wait for 20mins before you reach for seconds, as you probably wont want them by then

Don’t allow yourself to get to the ravenous stage – This is when if you don’t get food quickly you will kill someone HA HA (this is so me)

Add lots of greens into your meal – Greens will help bulk up your meal without any dire consequences.

Small Bites – Taste a little of what you like so you don’t feel as if you are missing out, but a small amount will be enough to satisfy the taste buds.

Alcohol – If having a drink, choose Vodka, Lime and Soda as this has the least amount of calories, but remember the liver has to process the alcohol as the body cannot store it, so drink wisely!