Deep inside the medial temporal lobe is the region of the brain known as the limbic system

In the Limbic system there are three areas of the brain involved in explicit memory.

The Hippocampus – This is where memories are formed and indexed for later access. It is associated with specific events like the family dinner you had last week.

The Neocortex – This part is associated with higher functions such as sensory perception, reasoning, language and generation of motor commands. This is the place where the Hippocampus can transfer memories as general knowledge, like knowing that the family dinner is a family connection event.

The Amygdala – This is part that attaches emotional significance to memories. This is particularly important because strong emotional memories like those associated with grief, love, excitement and shame are hard to forget.

The Amygdala can also modify the strength and emotional content of the memories, but is can also play a part in forming new memories specifically in relation to fear. Fearfully memories can form after only a few repetitions, like putting your hand on something hot, you don’t do that more than a couple of times without learning not too.

So when we think of this, is it any wonder that we struggle with our self- belief. We have an internal battle going on with ourselves.

There are only two reasons we do anything, and they are either out of  NEED or DESIRE.

As the good old dictionary describes NEED

  • Require or be in want of
  • Be obliged to do something
  • Condition of lacking something
  • Requirement or necessity
  • Want very much
  • Wish, longing

So if we needed to improve our health because the Doctor has advised us that if we don’t start to alter our way of life now that the future might look bleak we would hopefully make a change.

BUT if we just desired our life to be healthier we can almost give ourselves permission not take it seriously right away because there is no great NEED or hurry just now.

Our past memories of success and failure can play havoc with our emotions and can either help us succeed or fail in our attempts to achieve better health.


From personal experience when I am determined to move more and eat healthier, nothing can stop me

So this time next year how will you be feeling??