Human Behaviour is a funny thing. In my many years in this industry, I have come across many different personalities. I have been enriched to have meet many people, some of them no matter what the adversity, rise above it, while others try too but their journey is somewhat more difficult and past experiences stop them in their tracks. I am not trained to give emotional advice but have often tried to help where I can. Sometimes it is just that clients want someone to listen to them.

I always said I could write a book about my client’s achievements, excuses, successes and failures and all the different personalities and reasons they often use to avoid or embrace change.

It’s interesting when a client says they would like to be at a healthier weight, but when asked to make some changes to the way the address food and alcohol their facial expressions speak for them.

It can be such a rewarding experience to watch when a client is in the right head space and they achieve their goals, but in the same breath it can break my heart when a client wants to succeed, but just can’t find the right head space for that dream to come to fruition

Health is a constant, it is not something that we say ‘okay is Monday, I will start today’ and then maybe a month down the track the old habits have crept back in. I would like to think that everyday is a Monday so that we could stay up- beat and focused.

It can be a definite show of character how we think in regards to our health.

This by no means, tells us we need to be a size 10 to be healthy, its means that we need to regard our health as a priority. So many times we use an excuse (sometimes ones that aren’t even good ones) why we can’t instead of just saying okay lets think about this, we should be saying to ourselves ‘If I can’t get out and move today maybe I could focus on my food intake instead,’ we all need to eat, so why not make it great nutrition.

I am asking you to look deep within and ask yourself, do you really love the way you feel ? or should you treat yourself with a little more care and consideration. I came across a great saying when I was doing my Yoga Course. ‘ You need to be selfish to be selfless’ as you can’t give to someone else unless you can look after yourself first. What help will you be to your family or friends if your not well.

None of us want to be a burden to our children.

We all have vises, I am lucky in one sense, as I need too exercise for my sanity but on the other hand I am one of those people that if I’m hungry, don’t get in my way of food. HA HA

Is health on your list of things to do in 2018 or will it take a back seat again. Will it take a lightning strike (heart attack) or worse to give you the kick to get going?