When we use a Foam Roller or Trigger Ball, what we are actually doing is refreshing the liquid in our Fascial Network, (liquid exchange) meaning that we are squeezing the muscle and surrounding fascia like a sponge replacing bad blood with good blood. This act like a self-massage and can help with muscle pain and stiffness. Both the roller and trigger balls are very effective in preparing muscle and fascia for movement, and for what I like to think of as ‘body maintenance’

These techniques are not a new concept, massage has been around in one form or another for the last 5,000 years, but what we are leaning today is how beneficial these techniques can be, and how you can take control of your own muscle and fascia network.

Types of Self Massage:

Self-Myofascial Release – Sounds complicated, but essentially it is a massage technique applying continual pressure to an area of the fascia that contains restrictions and has poor movement function. The sustained pressure stimulates circulation to the region, it helps get rid of toxins from torpid blood in the area and improves blood flow to help restore health to the myofascial tissue.

Trigger point Massage – This type of massage also uses sustained pressure to restore movement and the elasticity to the muscles and fascia network. It is different in the way that we target a very specific area. They are referred to as trigger points because the are normally quite painful and tender. They are located within a tense band of muscular tissue, and whenever touched, moved or stretched cause a pain response.