Viking or Dancer,  Which are You??

What I mean by this is that there are two types of classifications that people generally fall into.

First being the Viking Type. These people have firm connective tissue. They are what we call the strong and compact type, with a higher degree of stability but forever fighting for more flexibility. So it can feel like one week  you have made advancements in your flexibility range, then the next week you feel those tight areas again.

The second type is what we call the Dancer. These people tend to have loose, soft tissue and are normally more flexible than the average person. an example of this is a circus performer or professional dancer.

There is a test you can do on yourselves to see which category you fall into:  Place your hand in front of you facing the side and have your thumb where you can see it. Now take hold of your thumb and bend it back to your wrist. The viking types may get the thumb to point to the floor while the dancer types will manage to pull the thumb right back to their wrists.

Men tend to be more of the viking type as they tend to have more muscle mass and stiffer muscular connective tissues. But there are men that fall into the dancers type.  Women tend to be more on the dancer side and have looser connective tissue, but that doesn’t mean we can all do the splits, it just means that we tend to do more flexibility work from early childhood, like dancing and gymnastics, whereas boys normally play ball sports, but what tends to happen as we age is that we go back to either our dancer or viking type. So all us vikings out there (me included), need to keep working on our flexibility, to help prevent injuries in relation to tight muscle and fascia, and the dancer types need to keep working on muscle strength to stay strong in their connective tissues.