It’s a interesting question and one often asked and debated. I try to take a logic approach with exercise subscription. An example of this would be, If I had a client that worked in an office spending most of their time seated in front of a computer, I would prescribe exercises that open up the muscles on the front of the body and strengthen the muscles at the back of the body.  I would never put this client on a Chest Press Machine as they spend most of their day in an forwarded rounded position, so to then get them to tighten up the chest muscles even more makes no common sense. This doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t use the chest muscles in big movement patterns as they still need to be strong, but we need to balance them with our back muscles to correct the position they hold for many hours at work every day. The same goes for them exercising seated, as they sit most of their day, they need to be up and using as much muscle and fascia in every movement pattern they can. Another pet hate of mine is putting weighted bars on shoulders. So many people out their today live with excessive thoracic kyphosis (rounded upper spine), their spine is already in a flexed position and then we put a weighted bar on???, no wonder people end up with herniated disc’s and other spine and neck problems.

I still have friends that love doing seperate body parts on different training days, which is still movement, but do I believe that there is a better way? Yes.  I believe as we get older our bodies respond better to exercises that require big movement patterns using lots of different directions and stimuli. The more muscle required, the more energy required, so it’s a win when it comes to weight loss, and this type of training will influence our neural system, an even bigger win to the health of our bodies.

Better Movement equals Better Function.

We also need to think about Balance as we get older, so lot’s of single leg work is great, and incorporating exercises that maintain great Dorsal Flexion (flexing at the ankle). It is so important.

Last but definitely not least, I believe that everyone should be doing some form of Yoga, Relaxation or Meditation. Learning the technique of Diaphragmatic Breathing can be a life saver.

Are you doing the best kind of movement you can for your body and posture, or will you be attached to a gym machine for the rest of your life.

It’s a question worth debating.