I would love a dollar for every time a client tells me that their bunion’s are genetic. BUNION’S ARE NOT GENETIC! Members in your family may also have had bunions, but bunions are caused by bad choices in footwear.  Shoes that squish your toes together and heels that force your toes into the tip of the shoes, are what causes bunions.

Take a look at the shoes you wear and see if they spread wide at the forefoot to accommodate space between the toes or do they turn your big toe in towards the other toes?? More than likely this is what is happening. I even see people at the gym wearing shoes that have a 1.5cm to 2 cm heel raise at the back and a narrow forefoot, not to mention the built in medial arch support in the shoe. When we place our toes into a narrow fitting shoe, it makes the big toe turn towards the other toes and we start to walk more on the joint on the outside of the big toe rather than the toe itself. Your big toe should point forward. We also have a built in shock absorber in our heel so no need for padding at the back of the shoe, and as for built in medial arch supports, if we stop our foot from moving into pronation by using a built in arch support, it becomes weak in it’s natural movement of pronation and tends to over-pronate and collapse through the structures under the foot, we need to keep these tendons and ligaments  strong and healthy and they can disrupt proper functioning of the entire body.

Lets stop thinking of pretty or cool shoes (gym or going out) and start to look after the one area of the body that we should respect. Just think what would happen if we could no longer use our feet and ankles!

Merrell offer a great range of shoes that have wide forefoot and zero drops. Check out their Bare Access (8mm), or their Trail Glove 4 (4mm) or my favourite Vapor Glove (2mm) which I wear teaching all my classes and training. The difference in (mm) is the cushioning of the shoes. I suggest trying the 4mm then working your way down to the 2mm making sure you are using the Ball Release under Foot and Ball on Calve Release from my Release and Stretching Program.