The way they look and hold themselves, their Posture. You can tell whether someone may be in pain by the way they walk or stand. You can also tell the emotional state of a person by their posture. Do they stand tall and proud as if they have no care in the world, or do there shoulders slump forward like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Certain postures are becoming an epidemic today. Due to advancing technology we are starting to see more and more FORWARD HEAD postures. To see if you suffer from this posture, try standing with your feet and back against a wall and see if your head can touch whilst keeping your eyes facing forward and not allowing your chin to tilt up.

Our head should be able to comfortably touch the wall and from a side view your ear should line up with your shoulder, which should line up with your hip bone, which should line up with your ankle bone. We should have a forward curve in the neck and lower back and a opposite cure in the thoracic spine. These cures of our skeleton provide elasticity and resilience to our posture. If the spine lacks these curves, compression happens and this will cause damage to our discs and vertebras. If we continue in a forward head posture we are very likely to develop spurs on our spine so that our muscles on our upper back can still attach to our heads

Leaning to maintain good posture and learning how to release the muscle and fascia that are affected by bad posture can help you alleviate pain and discomfort.  Sometimes that will happen quickly and other times its like peeling away the layers of restriction until finally you feel like you once again have control.