What is an foot orthotic? It is a device that can be inserted into a shoe to support, align, prevent and or accommodate foot deformities and improve foot foundation. Yes and this is true BUT somewhere along the way the body has developed poor biomechanics to create the problem in the first place.

So what I would like to discuss is how to assess the problem and how to start to retrain the alignment so that there is no need to wear an orthotic.  What happens at the foot is the arch starts to collapse inwards and this is were an orthotic is used to recreate the arch, but unfortunately the orthotic then stops the foot moving through it’s natural movement pattern of pronation and the arch becomes even less efficient.  When this happens it will also affect the ankles ability to come into a dorsal flexion position, which can lead to tripping. This arch collapse doesn’t stop at the foot it then affects the knee and the hips stability.  The ankles and feet and very much related to the hips, so if you have problems at the hips you should also address the foot, as there will be a connection.

I will always teach my client’s how to restore the health of the Plantar Fascia, which in turns bring back the health of the foot and ankle.   It can take sometime for this to happen, but is worth the patience.

Orthotics have a place at the beginning, BUT should never be the answer.