Yes they make us look taller and more elegant, but the damage High Heels have on your feet if continued to be worn will create of lifetime of bio-mechanical problems for your whole body.  Your feet will start to adapt to being in a raised position which will create weakness in the tissues of the ankle and foot.  Your achilles tendon will shorten due to the raised position of the heel which will cause tightness in your calve muscles which then will lead to a lack of flexibility in the calves.  Because the load is being forced downwards on the toes, the toes are likely to claw or hammer to allow gipping when walking. Another point is that High Heel Shoes more times than not, have a narrow forefoot, squashing all the toe’s together and causing bunions to form.  If you have to wear High Heels try finding ones that allow for more toe space and when you get home and take them off, use your toe spreaders for at least an hour to help undo some of the damage.

You do realise that you look amazing without them DON’T YOU?