Just as we have evolved as human beings, we have also gained more knowledge of how the human body is designed to move. Most of our movements are done without much thought, like walking we put one foot in front of the other not considering the placement of our feet. If we brought conscious thought into our movement processes, we might be more aware and capable of reducing bad patterns and reinforcing good movement patterns to prevent or reduce pain or dysfunction. Next time you go for a walk look down and see how your feet land.   How many times I walk behind someone and watch them walking with one or both feet turned out to the side and want to say something.    If we are aware of our patterns we can fix them.   Feet turning out to the side will be a sign that the muscles and connective tissue of the hip, feet & ankles need some releasing and strengthening. We need to imprint new ways of movement so that our bodies start to think of them as the norm and not the bad patterns that it hangs onto now.  So next time on your walk, try to walk with your feet facing forward and try using a heel-toe movement pattern.  Then try to squeeze your bottom of the front moving leg on landing to activate your Glutes, and while your at it, consciously try drawing up through your pelvic floor and lock in your lower abdominals, not only will this help develop good Glutes but will help stabilise the hip on movement.

Good alignment is always the key to reducing pain &  Movement is the key to Life so let’s move with purpose!