Fascia forms a continuous tensile connective tissue throughout the body. Fascia is considered to be the in-between of everything from our cells, & nerves to the organs, and muscles.

Because our feet are full of nerve receptors, they are the first place that we feel what is below us. Imagine stepping on a stone! and not feeling it?? If we did our first response would be to take our foot away, but this response requires movement in which the whole body responds as one unit “The Fascial Response”

When is it, that you feel the need to start to look after your feet?  Is it when you are experiencing pain? or do you try to maintain good foot alignment and structure before the onset of pain.

If our Feet (foundation) are not functioning properly the impact will be felt not only in the feet and ankles but also further up the chain.  The knee’s, hip’s, back or even in the neck or head will be impacted by what happens at our feet.

Our feet are highly innervated parts of our body, they are what we use to feel ‘grounded’. They are our connection to the earth below.

One way we can improve the mobility of the foot and ankle is by rolling a ball under the foot. By doing this, we are effectively increasing circulation to the area to restore healthy blood flow.  Circulation basically transports oxygen and nutrient rich blood through our arteries to our organs, tissues (including Muscles & Fascia), and our cells. So restoring good circulation is paramount to the health of our bodies to allow them to move to their full potential.

The bottom of the foot is continually sending data back to the spine and brain, so when we wear shoes with too much cushioning, included some sports shoes, we are not effectively using this neural response that are feet are sending to our brains. If we continue to dull down our sensors, they will begin not to work effectively. Remember the saying ‘Use it or Lose It’

“Shoes are sensory deprivation chambers” according to Dr Phillip Beach (Beach,2010) He encourages walking barefoot as much as possible or on uneven surfaces to challenge the righting reflex of the body in response to the bottom of the foot. Try starting to transition to a Barefoot Training Shoe when you are working out. Merrell Shoes offer a great range, haven’t been disappointed yet.