The most commonly known fascia in our foot is the ‘Plantar Fascia’ Most people will tell you that they have experienced Plantar Fasciitis at some stage.  Plantar Fascia pain is usually explained as heel pain felt on the bottom of the foot. It is very uncomfortable when you try to bear weight on the foot.  The Plantar Fascia plays a very important role in supporting the long arch (medial longitudinal) on the underside of the foot and the smaller muscles of the foot (intrinsic muscles).  If we lose strength of the smaller muscles of the feet and the muscles of the lower limb we are more inclined to develop Plantar Fasciitis.  Do you have one leg longer than the other?  this is also a sign telling us that we are not weight distributing evenly, which will also affect the Plantar Fascia of the feet.

If we have poor bio-mechanics of movement, the body will place the strain on the plantar fascia resulting in a lack of flexibility and even tears of the fibres.

Having experienced plantar fasciitis myself I know how painful and frustrating it can be. It takes a lot of releasing, stretching, icing and I even used magnesium oil daily to help recover and restore the tissues back to health.

I believe if we understand the problem we can help ourselves fix it.