I know this is kind off weird thing to say, but do you honestly stand evenly on two feet??  We often favour a dominant side of the body, whether that is because of a previous injury or acute pain in the area.  What tends to happen when we continue to adapt these poor functional positions, is the bodies muscular and connective systems need to lengthen on one side and shorten on the other to accommodate the change in movement.  This often leads to pain in areas above or below the affected area.  Takes the foot for example:  When we walk we start with a Heel Strike, land with a Flat Foot, then a healthy plantar fascia will act like a spring to return our foot to a Mid-stance, we then take our back Heel Off the floor and proceed to push off the Big Toe to accelerate us forward.  What is likely to happen with a sore foot is that we loose the ability to Dorsal Flex, meaning move our ankle towards our shin creating a heel strike motion, and we will shift our weight more through the other foot and side of the body. Try pretending that you have pain on the inside edge of your heel, you will likely walk more on the outside of the foot not making contact on the floor with your big toe.  This will create a whole world of problems up the chain, including sore knee’s, hip’s and back.

As you all know I am a big believer in Self Myo-Facsical Releasing, but what I need you also to understand is that we need to re-set the brain back to good movement.  Strengthening the muscles and connective tissue’s should always be the next step after releasing.  Let’s be honest with ourselves, how many of us have seen a Physiotherapist or other health practitioner and been giving strengthening exercises to follow, even been given a instructional sheet to take home, but have still not followed through.

It’s time to adapt a mind-set of taking action. What have you got to lose, maybe just the pain and the frustration.Do you