There are many different reason’s why people choose to take up an exercise routine. Why do you??  I have trained many different client’s over my years with many different reasons for exercising.  The majority are the one’s who want to keep there weight under control, which yes, is important, BUT to me the main reason why one should take up an exercise plan is to keep the body healthy and functional.

There are many different body shapes out there and most people would always like to change something about their’s, but I think in reality we should forget about the perfect body image and consider:

  • Being able to move without pain.
  • Being able to get up from the floor without dragging yourself up.
  • Being able to keep doing the social activities that we love
  • For Sanity and Hormone Balance

I know personally that without some form of daily exercise I would go insane, so I guess I’m one of those people that exercise for me is SANITY as well as my health

I know there are people out there that say age does not define our capability of movement, but I would like to disagree. Now myself in my 50’s I realise that I cannot do the same as I did in my 30’s.  I need to understand my limitation’s and respect the way my body moves from day to day.  There are days when yes I feel like to could conquer the workout world and other days I like to put on the Three Tenors and train with my mind connecting to every movement I make.

So I guess what is important here is MOVEMENT.

No matter why you choose to move, or how you choose to move, just remember that