Sciatica refers to buttocks or leg pain that can feel like numbness, weakness or tingling. It originates in the lower back and then travels through the buttocks and down the Large Sciatic Nerve in the back of the leg and can even be felt in the toes.  It can often feel like a dull ache that just won’t go away and is aggravated by sitting for long periods. You can also experience sharp pain on occasions that make it difficult to stand or walk.   The pain is caused when the Sciatic Nerve gets irritated or compressed at, or near its point of origin, which is the Lumbar Spine and the Sacral Plexuses.  

The Sciatic Nerve is the largest nerve in the body, it looks like a thick flat band approx 2 cm wide.

Piriformis Syndrome (meaning tightness in the Piriformis muscle) which is  also located in the buttocks region, can also irritate the nearby Sciatic Nerve.

Why not try doing some some Foam Roller on Glute’s or Trigger Ball on Piriformis Releases or even just try some Glute/Hip opening exercises to help bring back the Piriformis to a happy state.

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