As you start to enter the menopausal years, you can often experience weight gain that is harder to shift than it used to be. This happens because of the changing hormones experienced at this time of our lives.  It can be so frustrating knowing that you are doing all the right things but the weight gain is still their.  As a women starts to age, their metabolism naturally starts to slow down. What the body then tries to do is hang onto the fat, which is often accumulated at the waist and thighs, because this extra fat that we gain, secretes estrogrn, which is a valuable hormone during the menopausal years.

A great way to help speed up the metabolism is to do Resistance  Training, as this type of training will help you hang onto some of the valuable muscle tissue,  muscle tissue is a highly active tissue requiring a lot of energy.  So don’t wait until the frustration gets the better of you, start training today.