The Psoas muscle has many functions. It is the muscle that attaches the torso to the legs. This muscle allows us to get out of bed, to move our legs forward when walking, it allows us to balance forward when walking up stairs. The psoas stabilises your trunk and spine during movement and in sitting positions, it also act like a hydraulic pump, allowing the cells good blood supply. The psoas doesn’t stop there, there is a connection between the psoas and the diaphragm, so the psoas also affects breathing through movement.  Because of where is psoas is located, when we experience fear or danger, the psoas muscle contracts so as to keep the vital organs safe. So what this means is, if your body is under constant stress whether it be lifestyle related or not your psoas is being over worked.

So the worst thing that we can do for our psoas is:

  • Do sit-up’s,
  • Remain in seated position for too long
  • Not handle our stress levels
  • Sleep in a fatal position

The best things we can do to help the health of our psoas is:

  • Learn Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Psoas lengthening stretches
  • Avoid sitting for extended periods
  • Pay attention to your hip stability