It’s funny why we would treat our feet with any less care than we do our hands.  If we are wearing gloves, our hands can still feel and move as they were designed, yet we insist on wearing shoes that look nothing like our natural feet.  Shoes that push our toes together instead of separating them. We should be wearing shoes that allow our toes to spread to give us a better foundation and feeling of the earth below.

Just like your hands your feet are complex sensory structors, that will feel and adapt to what is below, and send  messages upstream so that the body can adjust and respond.  All the extra cushioning that you have on your shoes stops this message being sent.  No wonder our bodies are having trouble activating through our communication network.

We also wear shoes that have raised heels whether they be sports shoes, everyday going out or work shoes. When we raise the height at the back of the foot, we shorten the achilles tendon and our calves lose flexibility. This will end up causing dysfunction at the hips and ankles.

If we think back to the way we were born, we had beautifully spread toes, and more than likely we learnt to walk barefoot.. Why do we ruin what mother nature has so proudly given us just for the sake of fashion.

There are a great range of barefoot shoes out on the market that allow our toes to spread and our feet to move at the ankle the way they were designed too.

Don’t be just one of the crowd and wear a shoe because it looks good, make your shoe choice one that allows function, so that we can remain mobile for a very long time.