We have all heard of someone who has a disc bulge, but what acutely is it.

Well they are actually a disc protrusion, which means that the outer fibrous portion of discs have weakened, this then creates pressure from the central core of the disc that can then stretch to the outer rim, causing the disc to bulge.  If the bulging disc is left untreated if can tear which is then called a Herniated Disc.

Did you realise that you can have a bulging disc and not be aware of it?  People only became aware of the disc bulge when it affects the nerves close by.  This will cause the disc to pinch the nerve and refer pain in the hips, buttocks, legs and feet.

The most common lumbar bulging disc is seen at L4 & L5 and sometimes at L5 & S1.  Because of the proximity of the Sciatic Nerve to the Lumbar spine you can often experience Sciatic Pain.  This pain can also be felt in the lower back, buttocks and all the way down to the feet.

Not sitting for long periods will help your spine maintain good length and space between the discs.  So less sitting and more moving