How enjoyable is a walk along the beach or talking a brisk walk with a friend for company.  Not all exercise should produce a big stress response in the body.  Walking not only improves blood flow and oxygen supply to the body but it also stimulates the release of endorphins (the bodies natural painkillers and mood elevators).

If you like the water, swimming is another great way to reduce stress, as for some people that may experience sore joints when walking on land,  the water is a much gentler place for them to move in.

Other forms of cardio include: Rowing, Cycling, Running, High Intensity Hit Training, but as we get older we need to find ways of maintaining a good cardiovascular system without overloading our joints, muscles and connective tissues and not to forget the nervous system

Find the right style of training for you that doesn’t evoke a high stress response on your body, so our adrenals can focus on keeping our other hormones in check. This goes for women especially as we age, because our adrenals need to manufacture oestrogen and progesterone when our bodies start the transition through to menopause.  The more stress ( exercise does evoke a stress response), we put on our bodies, the more the adrenals go into the fight and flight mode to produce adrenaline, instead of helping keep the other hormones in balance.

Some suggestions are:

  • Leisurely walking with a friend– The means being able to hold a conversation without he Huffy Puffy feeling. This type of exercise helps lowers your cortisol levels which enhances our fat burning ability.
  • Yoga – This type of exercise has both mental and physical benefits for our bodies including, keeping muscles balanced, our joints mobile, mental strength, our fascial tissue healthy, strengthens your core, can help lessen chronic paid, lowers blood pressured increases blood flow to our vital organs, increases flexibility, helps bring your posture back to a great position, including protecting your spine, regulates your adrenal glands, which helps your body use fats as your fuel system, lowers your cortisol levels which in turn helps your blood sugar levels, improves your clarity and mental focus, increases your serotonin levels to make you happier, improves your balance, helps maintain a healthy nervous system, helps improve your digestive system, helps you sleep better and last but probably the most important, it teaches you how to breath using our parasympathetic nervous system.  ‘Breath of Life’
  • Tai Chi – This form of exercise has the same benefits of yoga, so it is another great way to do stress free movement.