When it comes to exercise, as we get older it is important to find the right amount.  We need to understand that doing to much will have an affect on our adrenals that is not a great idea as we get older, because our adrenals help us improve our hormone balance.

When it comes to cardio, it is a great choice do stick to HIIT (high intensity interval training) as these type of workouts only last for around 20-30mins. After the workout is very important to bring ourselves back to a calmer state so that our systems can utilise our fat for fuel. This style of workout should be done 2 times per week to help improve the cardiovascular system. This type of exercise is best done in the mornings so then at night we can bring ourselves back to a calm state in preparation of sleep

Resistance trainingshould be incorporated into your program to ensure we keep muscle strength and to help protect our joints from injuries so that we can keep living the lifestyle we choose.  Strength training also improves bone density and metabolism. 2 Strength training sessions a week, incorporating functional training to maintain and build a strong Fascial Network. This style of exercise should be also done earlier in the day, as this will also put a large amount of stress of our body.

Mind and Body style workoutsensure that we lengthen our muscles and connective tissue back to length, helping to reduce pain and dysfunction when it comes to our posture.  This type of exercise also is a great way to reduce stress and to help us re-connect to what is important in our lives. This type of workout should be done as much as possible, but a least 2 times a week minimum. This style of workout is great at the end of the day, as this will reduce the stress on mind and body.

Another great way to relax in the afternoons, is to go for a quite walk, not one that makes you feel huffy/puffy but one that allows you to reconnect to nature

Balance exercisesare a must for anyone. We often have a dominant side, which if not addressed will create ongoing problems.  Balance exercises incorporate all the smaller stabilisers (muscles, connective tissue), which in turn will help us move and function better. I like to incorporate balance exercises in both my Resistance Training and my Mind Body Workouts

Rest days should also be considered one or two a week, but if you feel the need to move consider a mind body class or a nature walk.