What happens to our hormone levels during Peri Menopause is often related to a Stress Reactive Response.

Our bodies naturally start declining our oestrogen and progesterone levels, and starts increasing our testosterone levels during peri-menopause.   In many cases our progesterone levels drop to a very low level as we are not releasing any egg follicles  (even if you still have a period you may not be releasing an egg each month) and this egg follicle is were we get our progesterone from. Progesterone balances out oestrogen, so even though oestrogen levels also decline we become what we call  ‘Oestrogen Dominant’ This decline of hormones if not addressed becomes a stress in our bodies

Stress increases (insulin – Fat Production) & (Cortisol – Stress Experienced) our cravings for salty, sugary, fatty & high calorie foods. All of these changes in our hormonal status leads to an increase in Belly Fat

Some examples of types of stress we can go through:

  • Over- exercising is stress,
  • Under- eating is stress & Over-eating is a stress
  • Carrying extra weight is a stress
  • Not Understanding the changes your body is going through is a stress.

If we don’t control our stress, we can become Insulin Resistance, meaning that our body is no longer capable of storing glucose for later use, instead you will store calories as fat. (hence middle age spread)

5 Step Hormone Approach is all about achieving overall good health- physically and mentally

We must first address our Mindset before we can balance our hormones. Our online 30 day Mindset Diet will help you re-think what you do, how you perceive things, and allow you to move forward