When a women turns 40 and starts going through peri-menopause, and has high cholesterol, they are at a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

Some symptoms you may experience with high cholesterol are:

Leg Pains (usually while exercising)

Angina (narrowed arteries in the heart)

Blood Clotting/ Ruptured Blood Vessels

Ruptured Plaques

Menopause does not cause heart disease, however you haven’t looked after your diet in your early years, or maybe you smoked, or had other unhealthy habits, this will all add up as we reach our later years. As we approach menopause we really need to take notice of our health and start to take positive action, so that we can live a long life and become a burden to our children (HA HA)

A blood test will pick up whether you have High Cholesterol, but remember you need to get the break down. HDL (good cholesterol) LDL (bad cholesterol)

If you have High Bad Cholesterol, High Homosysteine Levels and High C-reative Protein (inflammation marker) levels, these higher levels show you that you are in a higher risk category for Heart Disease

The HEP course test for these markers giving you the best chance to take action before something happens