Cholesterol is the precursor to all our hormones.  If we can’t make enough good cholesterol we won’t make enough hormones.  Our liver manufactures most cholesterol from the fats in our diets. What happens when you are stressed, (and stress can come in many differant forms, skipping meals or chemical exposure), your Adrenal glands will steal Progesterone to make Adrenal Hormones (Cortisol & Adrenaline )  Important note to  remember “progesterone is what balances out oestrogen & testosterone.”  Because during menopause we stop producing eggs, and this is where we got most of our progesterone from (the egg follicle in the Luteal Phase of our cycle)  we need our adrenals to take up the production the progesterone. We we allow stress to be part of our every day lives we run the risk of not allowing our adrenals to take up the balancing of our hormones and we can run the risk of developing adrenal fatigue which in turn will affect our thyroid balance and remember that it is our thyroid that controls our metabolism (middle age spread).

Declining  Hormones can be caused by:

  1.  Menopause
  2.  Stress

So how do we help our body start to rebalance our hormones… we can pump up our good cholesterol and reduce our stress

How do we increase HDL and Lower LDL??  

  • Eat Healthy Fats
  • Clean up your Diet
  • Balance Stress Hormones (saliva testing)
  • Address Underlying Chronic Inflammation
  • Address Gut Health
  • Know your sex Hormone Balance (saliva testing)