Try standing up without thinking and look down to see where your feet are facing.  I see so many people walking in a turned out position (duck) which is a sign that their hips need some attention.  When we stand or walk with our feet turned out, it means that our knee will be collapsing in toward the midline (medial displacement), which eventually will cause a issue at the knee.  Remember that knee pain is a warning sign that you should listen too.  Duck position of the feet greatly increases the chance of forming bunions as the force as you produce through the foot as you travel is pushed through the bone at the bottom of the big toe, where what we should be doing is putting the big toe forward to push off.  This action will also affect the ability to have a mobile functional ankle movement and a stronger propulsion. It will also impact the hip and glutes activation.  By having awareness is the key to success as it takes practice to change a bad habit into a great one.