We are all looking for optimal health and most of us would like to opportunity to do it naturally if we can.  Most health imbalances can benefit from good dietary and lifestyle changes.  If we can understand our roadblocks, whether they be our hormones, our nutrition, our movement patterns, or even our mindset, we are halfway there to achieving better health.  By knowing where to start can be challenging so if we get some Blood and Saliva testing done, we can get our baseline.  Just say the testing comes back with an excess of oestrogen, then we will need to look at the health of our liver. Or maybe the results show low progesterone levels, then we need to look at the health of the adrenals.  Just remember that is our adrenals are under too much work, our thyroid will try to take up the slack, and let’s considerate impact the thyroid has on our metabolism.  If your thyroid starts to suffer so will your ability to burn fat efficiently.  Learn your baseline so you can stay one step ahead when it comes to your overall health.