Fascia is the biggest sensory organ that we have, our skin being the next. Everything we do involves fascia. Fascia wraps around everything and is involved in every movement that we do.

Fascia is a three-dimensional web of tissue that connects all the soft tissues in the body. We have two levels of fascia in the body; the first being Superficial Fascia, this fascia sit’s near the surface of the skin and helps the skin connect to the tissues underneath. The second type of fascia is called Deep Fascia,  this type of fascia binds together muscle and ensheathes the nerves, blood vessels and organs.

If we pull on one section of the spider web the whole web moves. It’s the same with our fascial web, when one area of the tissue becomes restricted and starts to lack fluidity, all the other area’s above and below it will have been impacted. When I talk to my client’s about releasing I get them to think of the tight areas they feel in their bodies as areas lacking in good blood supply.  Without this good supply we deprive the tissue of important nutrients that are needed to keep the tissue healthy and mobile.  These area’s might be quite painful when you start the process of Myofascial and Osteo Releasing, but I can assure you that in a very short time you will be moving more freely with less pain.

I like to think of releasing as Body Maintaince or Prehab, because if we take the time to keep tissues well hydrated, through movement, water and releasing we are less likely to impact on our fascial web.