What exactly are the Adrenals?? think of them as a three layered gland.  The outer layers job is to regulate electrolytes (salt levels in the blood), your blood pressure and your acid levels.  The middle layer controls your blood sugar levels. It also is responsible for the stress response and controls how our cells use our other hormones.  The inner layer controls our sex hormone production, like Estrogen and Testosterone, the inner layer also assist with tissue repair and keeping our immune system functioning well.

The adrenals play a very important role because they are responsible for how the other hormones are utilised. If the adrenals are pumping out too much Cortisol into the bloodstream because we a in fight or flight mode, this will impact our cells to either accept or reject the other vital hormones that are released into our system that are needed to maintain a healthy body and mind.

So when we look at what the adrenals have to do, we can now understand why is it so important to keep our Stress levels down.

Great ways to reduce the stress in our lives, is to understand our stress triggers. They might be lifestyle or emotional related.  I know we can’t change some aspects of our lives, like jobs or financial stresses but we can acquire the tools to manage our reaction to them.