Deep inside our brains lies a small control centre call the Hypothalamus. This small section of the brain controls runs the whole Endocrine System.  The Hypothalamus communicates to the Pituitary Gland (the mother gland), that there is work to be done and send messages to the carries, being the Adrenals, the Thyroid, the Ovaries, the Testicles and the Pancreas, all of these glands control vital functions in the body to maintain a healthy, happy body.

  • The Pancreas is responsible for regulating Blood Sugar
  • The Thyroid is responsible for Energy Production and Metabolism
  • The Adrenals are responsible for making the stress hormones and also in the regulation of the other hormones (keeps them in check)
  • The Pineal Gland is responsible for maintain good Sleep cycles
  • The Ovaries and Testicles are responsible for reproduction and tissue repair.

If one of these very sensitive systems is out of order, all the other systems will be affected.

Take for example that your stress levels are high, your adrenals will be working hard in the production of stress hormones, but the adrenals are also responsible to help make the sex hormones, so the body when stressed will shut down the idea of reproduction in favour of life preservation.