We we look at the ankle, we need to remember it consists of 3 joints, but today we are going to look at the Subtalar Joint.  This joint is responsible for stability of the ankle and it helps maintain good arch control, which is important when we are walking, jumping, or running on uneven terrain.  I often find that the Subtalar Joint gets locked up and holds the ankle in over-pronation, which in turn puts pressure on the knee. When this joint is working well, it acts like a buffer up the chain, making movement more effective.

The Subtalar Joint is often the area of ankle sprains, dislocations, and fractures because this joint has the capacity to move in multi directions, to adjust to the shock from ground forces.

I like just to use a quick release every night which involves putting your fingers between your toes (like toe spreaders) and using your other hand, work the ankle in all directions, freeing up joint to move.