When we walk the foot sends messages to the brain of the terrain we are traveling on, so the body can adjust it’s patterns to prevent instability.  Our feet respond to a lot of stress for the most part of the day and never really get a rest if there is an injury. One of the most common postural dysfunction of the foot I see, is what we call Over-Pronation, which is normally accompanied by Lack of Dorsal Flexion. When we move in gait we move into pronation and then the foot should return by using the Medial Longitudinal Arch to spring us back to a neutral foot position. What happens in Over-Pronation is that this arch elongates and flatten’s beyond it normal range which has an chain reaction up the whole body. When this happen’s continuously the arch becomes weakened and loses it’s ability to work effectively,  so this is why it is vital that we look after our feet

Have you ever not lifted your foot up high enough to clear the ground below and tripped???  This is what happens when we lose the ability of the ankle to move though Dorsal Flexion, I often see happen as we age. Stabilisation of the foots function is super important in reducing risk of injury.

I guess my point here is to remember to incorporate some foot and ankle work into your programs so that we can walk and enjoy all the great things that life has to offer