Without good foot function, you will struggle with mobility and balance, which becomes increasingly important as we age.  It is great feeling to go around the home barefoot and out of shoes that support and restrict your natural foot function.  We are born with such mobility, we see it all the time with babies, they have lovely spread out toes (without bunions) and have no trouble learning to walk without the need to put them into a shoe that has built in support.

It’s like any other muscle or connective tissue in our body, if we don’t move it through it’s natural range, the area becomes weak and stops the ability to function effectively.

The first thing I address wth my clients is Footwear, slowly transitioning them into a less supportive shoe. It’s funny at first they struggle with the concept, as they have been conditioned to wearing a very cushioned, supported shoe, but then I remind them that when we do yoga we don’t wear any shoe, and we all know how good that feels on our feet to ground thought-out our yoga practice.

I have put many a client into a minimalistic shoe and to this day not one of them has every looked back, the response from them is “why didn’t I do this a long time ago”.