Keeping our Ankle Mobility

We we look at the ankle, we need to remember it consists of 3 joints, but today we are going to look at the Subtalar Joint.  This joint is responsible for stability of the ankle

Understanding your Hormones

Deep inside our brains lies a small control centre call the Hypothalamus. This small section of the brain controls runs the whole Endocrine System.  The Hypothalamus communicates to the Pituitary Gland (the mother gland), that

Fascia the bodies own Spider Web

Fascia is the biggest sensory organ that we have, our skin being the next. Everything we do involves fascia. Fascia wraps around everything and is involved in every movement that we do. Fascia is a

Why the Adrenals are so Important

What exactly are the Adrenals?? think of them as a three layered gland.  The outer layers job is to regulate electrolytes (salt levels in the blood), your blood pressure and your acid levels.  The middle

Lacrosse Ball and Toe Spreaders

Wearing narrow footwear and stiff shoes will affect the function of the foot and the structures above. Changing the type of shoes you wear will definitely help to improve the function at the foot and

Rice Bran

The problem with Chemicals pollutants is that they are hard for the body to get rid of.  We are exposed to many chemicals that we are not even aware of. They can be in the

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