The importance of Good Foot Function

Without good foot function, you will struggle with mobility and balance, which becomes increasingly important as we age.  It is great feeling to go around the home barefoot and out of shoes that support and

The foot connection

When we walk the foot sends messages to the brain of the terrain we are traveling on, so the body can adjust it's patterns to prevent instability.  Our feet respond to a lot of stress

Keeping our Ankle Mobility

We we look at the ankle, we need to remember it consists of 3 joints, but today we are going to look at the Subtalar Joint.  This joint is responsible for stability of the ankle

Understanding your Hormones

Deep inside our brains lies a small control centre call the Hypothalamus. This small section of the brain controls runs the whole Endocrine System.  The Hypothalamus communicates to the Pituitary Gland (the mother gland), that

Fascia the bodies own Spider Web

Fascia is the biggest sensory organ that we have, our skin being the next. Everything we do involves fascia. Fascia wraps around everything and is involved in every movement that we do. Fascia is a

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