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My vision is to move the world, to educate, to inspire, to motivate.

Thank You..

.. for trusting me with your health and congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a healthier you.

My name is Christine Breach and my story began 28 years ago when I first went to TAFE to become an Aerobic instructor, which I still love doing in my 50s today.  My passion was always working with people so I moved into Personal Training in 2004.  Back in those days there weren’t too many of us around so it was two steps forward and a one step back approach to helping clients achieve their goals, mostly using gym based machines, which we know today are not very practical when it comes to human body movement. Today there is so much education out there, which is fantastic.  I would like to think that being in the industry for 28yrs that I have gathered a vast array of knowledge and gained experience that covers a plethora of understanding surrounding how a healthy well functioning body should operate. Here at Be-Movement we will share with you ways to start to live a healthier, happier life. I practice a method of training called Biomechanics where the aim is to identify musculoskeletal imbalances that can cause misalignments of our bodies.

Not only will Be-movement give you great functional exercises, that will work our bodies as they are designed to move, but we will help you understand many other aspects of yourselves, Your posture and how this can cause pain and dysfunction throughout your body, Self Myofascial releasing techniques which will help keep you moving, Healthy Eating, Understanding of Hormones, Looking at the use of Vitamins, Knowledge on the different working systems of the body e.g: Digestive System, muscular skeletal system and endocrine system.  Be-Movement will help increase your understanding of self and empower you with the knowledge making it easier for you to make better choices and decisions in regards to living a healthier life. Be-Movement is not a program for the perfect body, this is for everyone else that feels that knowledge and understanding will help them achieve the very best “you” you can be. Be- Movement is designed to help people with movement through the ageing process, and other circumstances that may be preventing you from living the life you would like.

The twice weekly time commitment for the past year and a half has been more than worth the newfound lease for life Chris has given me once more. If it means I’ll be training with Chris for years to come to maintain this lifestyle, so be it. The value to me far outweighs the cost.

Jo Sedgwick

Not only is Chris a top notch trainer, she is also a genuine, quality & caring person who goes above and beyond her duties as my PT in supporting me to fulfill a healthy happy lifestyle and be the best me I can be!!!

Movement is Life!

Leah Hayes

Exercise…The best start to the day. I feel more alive, happy, confident, & more balanced emotionally.

I have more energy and ready to do things with enthusiasm. I have more strength to manage grandchildren-up & down from the floor, chasing a ball(need to be fit to keep up).

It’s a must do!
I love my life so much more with exercise every day!


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