Foam Roller and Trigger Ball Workshop 25th Feb 12-noon


Foam Roller and Trigger Ball Workshop. Held at Goodlife Maroochydore on the 25th Feb 12-noon

This comprehensive workshop will take you through Releasing and Stretching Exercises using the Foam Rollers and Trigger Ball

What you will take away from this workshop are practical tools to help you achieve and maintain better posture by restoring good blood supply through the Fascia and Muscles

Just purchase a ticket from the Be Movement Shop today to secure a spot. Once purchase is confirmed I will add your name to the Workshop Confirmed Booking Sheet.

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Fascia is a three dimensional web of connective tissue that runs throughout the entire body. When fascia becomes restricted through one area of the body it will have a direct affect on other areas above and below.

Benefits of Releasing Techniques that can be used with the Foam Roller or Trigger Balls include:

  • Increased circulation enabling oxygen and nutrients to be suppled to the affected area
  • A reduction in scar tissue the will help improve the elasticity of the muscles and surrounding tissues
  • Reduction of Pain in the area affected
  • Increased joint flexibility and range of movement

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